Ceramic OIL BURNER BROWN Small 9cm

Ceramic OIL BURNER BROWN Small 9cm

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Small ceramic oil burner with a high-gloss finish in a neat classic design and coloured in beige and brown.

For use with Simmering Granules or Fragrance Oils.

Height 9cm, diameter 8cm

Oil burners are made in all kinds of material – including ceramics, stone, brass, even wood – and can be an attractive addition to the decor of your home, as well as having the practical purpose of diffusing fragrances. You can use your burner with fragrant oil, essential oil, simmering granules, or scented wax.

With Fragrant Oil:
Simply fill the top of your burner with water and add some of your favourite fragrant oil. Then light a tealight underneath and away you go.

With Essential Oil:
Fill the top of your burner with water and add a few drops of essential oil, then warm from beneath with a tealight. Remember, with pure natural oils, less is generally more. For instance, Lavender would be the oil for warding off headaches and inducing sleep, but too much Lavender may have the opposite effect. Also, with pungent oils such as Eucalyptus, 2 or 3 drops may be sufficient. Vapour therapy, used sensibly, can be an invaluable tool for promoting health and well being in your home environment.