Hempooch Hemp seed Oil

Hempooch Hemp seed Oil

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Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil is the perfect organic and natural alternative to fish oil and animal-based supplements. Great for maintaining healthy skin, joints, and general wellbeing.

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil is made from 100% pure Australian Hemp Seed and contains Omega essential fatty acids, Gamma linolenic acid and a wide range of vitamins and antioxidants. Fatty acids have a role in maintaining a normal healthy skin and coat, decrease inflammation, and are a source of extra energy for animals.

Giving it to them is easy with the soft gel capsules, you can mix it with their dinner, tuck it into their favourite treat, or coat it with peanut butter. Alternatively, place the capsule at the back of your dog’s throat and gently hold their mouth closed, massaging their throat until they swallow. Remember to shower them with plenty of praise and love. Up to 2 capsules daily will do the trick.

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil aids in making your pet look and feel their best, every day. They give us unconditional love, why not return the favour?
Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil 120 x 750mg Soft-Gel Capsules - Pet Supplement

For a small dog less than 10kg, one bottle is a 4 month supply. 
For a medium/large dog 11kg or more, one bottle is a 2 month supply.