Mushroom Extract 60 mL bottle ( except Chaga)

Mushroom Extract 60 mL bottle ( except Chaga)

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  • ✔ CHAGA MUSHROOM SHOT 7 PACK - After years of research, we are proud to present our 100% Natural Chaga Mushroom shot pack containing 7 60ml Chaga Life Shots . Each shot is THREE TIMES THE CONCENTRATE of normal Chaga Life Bottles and is made by brewing the mushrooms for 4 hours with pure filtered water to create the ultimate mushroom extract drink. We brew our mushrooms in the UK to provide you with the best quality product possible
  • ✔ 3 TIMES STRENGTH HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS ZERO CALORIES - The Chaga Mushroom has the highest antioxidant power of any food on the planet . So we bottled it . With an ORAC Value of over 3.65 Million, the chaga mushroom complex has an oxidant power greater than that of the Acai Berry , Goji Berry and many other fruits
  • ✔ DESCRIBED AS A MIRACLE - The Chaga mushroom is a nutrient dense superfood containing 19 of the 20 Amino Acids and has a vast range of beneficial properties. The chaga mushroom is known to support normal immune function and support the body in fighting inflammation as well as help support the body to regulate blood flow within the body