Organic Cacao Nibs 150g

Organic Cacao Nibs 150g

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What are Cacao Nibs?

Cacao (pronounced Ca-Cow) is the purest, most natural form of chocolate that has a delicious chocolate flavour without the sweetness of processed chocolate. Since our product is certified organic by both the Irish Organic Association and the European Commission, you know our Cacao Powder has been processed without any nasty pesticides, fumigation or any GMOs, sourced with respect for nature and packed to the brim with goodness!

Our Cacao Nibs come from the cacao bean which grows on the Criollo cacao tree’s in Peru. The bean is carefully and ethically harvested and processed to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients and benefits the cacao bean has to offer, ready to use in loads of different ways. The dried out bean is cracked up into little bits or nibs that are easier to chew and enjoy!  They smell like a giant mug of super-rich hot chocolate, but their taste is more bitter.

It’s important to not confuse cacao with cocoa (or chocolate). Although they are harvested from the same bean on the same tree, the way in which they’re processed makes a massive difference to their nutritional properties.  Our Cacao Nibs are processed at really low temperatures because we find heat destroys the antioxidants and flavanols that are found naturally in the bean. This is the good stuff but it can often give cacao a bitter taste. Cocoa nibs, on the other hand, are roasted to give them that sweeter taste, however losing most of the nutrients.

The antioxidants and flavanols found in cacao are responsible for some of the amazing benefits of the powder. In fact, it contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any known food by far (yes, we’re talking way more than blueberries, goji berries, red wine, or green tea!). The antioxidants have been linked to loads of health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and improving blood flow. Flavanols are a plant-based antioxidant that can reduce tiredness and fatigue, improve heart health, and cognitive function. Flavanols have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can potentially reduce the risk of dementia and slow down ageing. It has also shown potential anti-cancerous properties can help combat symptoms of asthma, diabetes, and depression.