Organic Grass Fed Ghee 360ml

Organic Grass Fed Ghee 360ml

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Unlock The Ancient Within

+ Excellent source of vitamins A, D, E and K

+ Contains full spectrum short, medium, long -chain fatty acids for sustained energy

+ Assists the body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins & minerals from other foods

+ Anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system, supports gut health

+ One of the highest natural sources of CLA, known to reduce fat, build muscle & increase energy

+ Boosts the body’s immune defences against harmful bacteria

+ One of the richest sources of butyric acid, supports healing of cells in small & large intestine

+ Vitamin K2 increases bone health and density

+ Helps pull fat soluble toxins from cells and kick starts the body to burn its own fat for fuel


+ Ideal for cooking at high temperatures, with a high smoke point


+ Used to complement a keto or paleo diet


+ Add to your morning brew for an energy boost – Bulletproof Coffee


+ Supercharge your protein shake, ghee helps micronutrients to absorb more efficiently

+ Healthy alternative to standard butter or margarine 

+ Cleanse your body by following one of the ancient Ayurvedic detox protocols

+ Create your own DIY moisturising treatment


Ethically farmed, free roaming grass-fed cow’s enjoy idyllic ambience, vast plains, lavish rainfall and rich soils.

Lush grass nurtures each cow, producing impeccable quality ghee.

In Ayurvedic medicine, ghee is known to promote purity of both mind and body, allowing for a balanced energy between the two.