Prayer Flags SYMBOLS VIVID Large 6

Prayer Flags SYMBOLS VIVID Large 6

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Invite peace, compassion, strength and wisdom into your life with these Traditional, Blessed Tibetan Flags from Zazen! Our stunning prayer flags have been blessed by Monk Lama Karma Thubten, who practices the highest form of yoga and has lived alone in the Himalaya for more than two decades. These outdoor Tibet flags are made with polyester, which will gradually fray and disintegrate in the wind - symbolizing the passage of time, and releasing their goodwill and positive energy to the world.

This set of Buddhist prayer flags includes 25 handmade, hand-dyed flags from Nepal, and each strand is over 28 feet in length with 3 feet of string included on each side to make them easy to hang. All of the flags are beautifully dyed blue, white, red, green or yellow, to represent the sky, wind, fire, wanter and earth. They feature traditional symbols and positive mantras that will flow into the world around them, including Lung ta, the Wind Horse, Avalokitesvara, the embodiment of compassion, and Goddess Green Tara, the Saviouress from the Eight Fears.

Our tradional prayer flags make unique, spiritual decorations for your house, garden, or place of business, welcoming positivity that will affect everyone around you. They come in a recycled lokta paper box that is ready for gifting, making them perfect Buddhism decor presents for your family and friends. Additionally, 10% of the profits from our Tibetan prayer flags are donated to a local charity, which raises funds to advance the health, education and social welfare of women and children. We hope you enjoy your tradional flags, and if you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly offer a full refund.

Product Details:
(1) Roll of 25 Prayer Flags
(1) Recycled Lokta Paper Box
Materials: Polyester
Size: 28 feet long; each flag is 10 x 10 inches
Colors: Blue, white, red, green and yellow flags